OUR STORIES | Why we want drivers’ licenses


Este proyecto fue realizado por el grupo de Mujeres en Liderazgo, un grupo de mujeres basado en Waite House que trabajan para la comunidad latina. Entrevistamos a gente de la comunidad que apoyan la campaña de licencias de manejo.

This project was done by Mujeres en Liderazgo, a group of women based at Waite House Community Center who work for the Latino community. We interviewed people from that community who support the campaign of drivers’ licenses for all.

Click on the videos to hear two perspectives on drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants in Minnesota. The videos are in Spanish but we have provided brief synopses in English.


Fatima Flores Luna, (arriba) 11, es estudiante de la  escuela Jefferson y ella dice que quiere una licencia de conducir para su mamá para que no la separen de ella como ha pasado con otras familias por no tener una licencia.

Fatima Flores Luna (above), 11, is a student at Jefferson School and she says wants a drivers’ license for her mom so that she won’t be separated from her as has happened to other families without a license.


Maria Padilla es asistente de maestra y apoya a campaña de licencias de manejar.

Maria Padilla is an assistant teacher in South Minneapolis and works with Latino children. She says she gets sad when her students’ mothers come to school crying because their husbands have been stopped while driving without a license and have been deported. Maria supports drivers’ licences for all because, she says, “we all have rights.”