March of the Lemmings


Is it the thunder in the distance you hear? No, it’s just the lemmings forming up for their biennial march to the polls. The election sky falling has been reported so it’s time to vote as ordered. They have the election issues memorized. Abortion, gay rights, guns , Muslims. 1960’s peace protestors, liberals who don’t love our country, socialism, cut taxes, foreigners who aren’t like us, socialized medicine, creationism, and prayer in school. These are all critical issues for the preservation of the republic. Heaven forbid that any of these “issues” be contaminated with human thought or the truth. The lemming leaders struggle valiantly to reduce voter turnout. “Quality of vote, not quantity.” I guess that means white male landowners with net worth over $500,000.

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The lemmings’ masters dig deeply in the manure pit and throw out aged, smelly bromides. Tax and spend liberals. Not loyal to America. Hangs out with terrorists. Socialized medicine. Pro Abortion. They then spice the droppings with irrelevant questions. The lemmings have no interest in an answer; they just want to keep asking the question.

We non-lemmings live in a quite different world. We are engaged in a horrible war based on lies. It has cost over 4,100 military deaths, thousands killed in “collateral damage.” We are economically and morally bankrupt. Health care is a disgrace. The rich get a lot richer, the middle class and the poor a lot poorer. We torture, we throw away and mock the hard-won civil liberties of the Magna Carta, 1297. Our Constitution is seen as a quaint and irrelevant. The Dept of Justice and many other federal agencies are infested with party apparatchiks without regard to competence.

This election is a critical juncture in our nation’s history. It is a test to see if we can still rescue which once was the most powerful, most admired, most moral country in the world, or do we follow the lemmings over cliff into fascist oblivion. The last 8 years have almost irreparably destroyed all that we hold sacred.

The lemmings must be stopped.