A Man’s Job



Director: Aleksi Salmenpera

The story of a laid-off worker, Juha, who, out of the need to provide for his family, resorts to a career as a male prostitute for single, lonely or older women, Salmenperä invests his drama with an impressive degree of maturity.

Tommi Korpele plays Juha, a man whose shame increases in direct proportion to his family’s prosperity. With this film Salmenperä explores the nature of Finnish masculinity. “Perhaps falling short of an exhaustive analysis of the alpha male in Finnish society, A Man’s Job is nonetheless a good study of one family’s predicament,” commented International Film Guide, 2008, which ranked this year’s Finnish Oscar submission one of the best of the 2007 crop. (In Finnish with English Subtitles)

FINLAND | 2007 | Dir. Aleksi Salmenpera | Drama | 101 min |