Mankato Free Press editor: keeping the customer satisfied


Lots of pixels have been sacrificed to the discussion of Target’s contribution to MNForward. Mankato Free Press editor Joe Spear writes:

I must say I am amazed at corporations who hire squadrons of public relations people to gauge consumer reaction to the size and shape of Cheerios have no clue when it comes to offending consumers in the political arena.

The longstanding rule of polite conversation is to avoid topics like politics, religion and sex, seems to be lost on corporations who must adhere to the rules of polite conversation if they want to maximize the number of people who may be interested in their products.

Target has spent millions to shape an image as an inclusive, fun place to shop. After looking at the corporation’s cultivation of GLBTQ, Latino and immigrant consumers and communities, I can only wonder why the brain trust in the executive offices thought helping Tom Emmer, whose radically retro social agenda would make Minnesota a less friendly place for both queer and brown folk, was good business.