“Mamma Mia!” review (in song)


I was not excited

When I heard this was next

But I don’t have a choice, it’s what Dudley expects

I was sitting in the Orpheum

Just counting down the minutes for the show to start

Still wishing I could depart

Then the music started playing real loud

It got a big reaction from the crowd


Mamma Mia is such a strange show

And yet so many people love it

Mamma Mia, its’ success still grows

They even made a movie of it

Yes, it had good performers

But my view was still lukewarm

Why why did it ever run this long? 

Mamma Mia, I’ll never know so 

Here’s what I think about this weird show


First thing the set 

It’s pretty plain 

It just gets moved

And now we’re in a different place

People push it at apace 

Now the cast were mostly real good singers

Except for Christian Whelan, what a stinker


Mamma Mia, his voice was real bad

He sounded strained and high pitched 

Mamma Mia, He’s worse than Pierce Brosnan

Maybe they should have had those two switched

Kaye Tuckerman was alright

She seemed to have fun all night

She belted so much during the show

Chloe Tucker, was alright as well 

She sang good and she acted good too


I felt that some songs were unnecessary 

Some were fine but others made me wary


Mamma Mia, is on and off for me 

It’s not good but it’s not so bad

Mamma Mia, makes me think of Glee 

It seems like one really big fad


But if you like it, that’s cool

If you like a good time you’ll

Probably like it so might as well go

Mamma Mia, is at the Orpheum

Buy some tickets and go see it now