“Make it happen” on East 7th


Make it Happen is our motto for East 7th Street. Together, we are going to create a vibrant urban destination and neighborhood center for the Dayton’s Bluff community on St. Paul’s East Side. The Dayton’s Bluff Community Council is taking the lead on many of the recommendations from the Near East Side Area Task Force, which has completed its “Roadmap” for action. The Near East Side Area Roadmap is scheduled for adoption by the Planning Commission/City Council in spring/early summer of 2012.

FIRST we envision our favorite destination neighborhood business district…

  • visually, the area is clean, attractive and vibrant
  • pedestrians walk safely, creating an abundance of activity
  • a broad array of businesses enthrall local and regional patrons
  • colorful art and flowers abound
  • buildings and signs have a local feel with an international flavor
  • festivities and celebrations are frequent
  • trees soften the landscape and lantern-style lighting adds old world charm
  • sitting areas abound for relaxation and soaking up the sun
  • laughter overflows from children’s playgrounds
  • art invites touch; music taps feet
  • food and good company feed the body and soul
  • parks and paths keep us fit
  • history enthralls visitors and residents alike
  • new signs encourage pedestrians to “walk the bluff”
  • creative crosswalk designs slow traffic and respect pedestrian activity
  • previously vacant and unproductive land and buildings are reclaimed

…and we make it happen.

As part of Make it Happen, the Community Council has launched a campaign to invite business and property owners to share their ideas and plans for expanding business opportunities and improving the appeal of the district. We will work together to increase the number, quality and range of businesses that locate on East 7th Street by creating an information center that supports the recruitment and placement of businesses in vacant properties. Redevelopment activities at Beacon Bluff (old 3M site) are an excellent opportunity for Dayton’s Bluff to capitalize on the opportunities that new development brings to a community. Metropolitan State University is also building and growing their presence in our neighborhood, creating a unique opportunity to work with them to ensure the campus continues to make a positive contribution to the effort to revitalize the East 7th Make it Happen district.

Watch these pages for future updates and look for continued improvements to the East 7th Street business district.

Deanna Foster is Executive Director of the Dayton’s Bluff Community Council.