Made in MN: The value of buying local this holiday season


Buying Minnesota-made products will improve Minnesota’s economy and environment. If Minnesota families spent 25% of their holiday shopping budget on Minnesota-made goods, the small business ripple effect would feel more like a tidal wave. Additionally, Minnesota-made goods represent a dramatically reduced ‘carbon footprint,’ an increasingly important Minnesota family lifestyle value.

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A conscious effort to buy Minnesota made products benefits the states economy.

Even as little as a 10 percent diversion of the Minnesota’s retail market to local products would have entrepreneurs adding jobs and boosting business with suppliers.

The National Retail Federation has predicted a 4 percent increase in November-December store sales to $474.5 billion, which would be the weakest seasonal growth in five years. Minnesota’s usual share of the national retail market is 2 percent, translating to $9.49 billion.

When you spend $1 at a local independent business, an average of 68 cents is re-circulated into the local economy. In contrast, when you spend $1 at a national chain, only about 43 cents stays at home.

Minnesota small business owners say they can create more jobs if sales increase this holiday season.

Minnesotans who buy Minnesota made products save money and carbon.

The typical holiday meal travels about 1,200 miles from farm to Minnesota dinner table. A large percentage of holiday gifts go at least that far, with many arriving on a fast boat from China.
Buying local reduces packaging and transportation costs.