Lyndale Food Share starts July 16th!


On Wednesday, July 16th, volunteers from the Environment Committee will begin distributing fresh vegetables grown in Lyndale to community members at the Lyndale Community Dinner. The Lyndale Community Dinner takes places every Wednesday from 6 to 7 pm at Zion Lutheran Church (128 W 33rd).

This will be the start of the Lyndale Food Share for this summer. If you have extra produce growing in your garden, consider contributing it, interested in getting fresh vetegables come to the Community Dinner.

The Lyndale Food Share is an innitiative designed by the Lyndale Environment Committee to help increase access to fresh, affordable food in Lyndale, where folks in the neighborhood are able to contribute fresh vegetables from their gardens to other people who live in the neighborhood. It’s a great way to share your extra vegetables and to help out a neighbor.

Please consider donating to the program- We’ll be starting to collect vegetables at the Lyndale Community Center (3537 Nicollet Avenue) starting on Monday, July 14th and need to have them before 4pm on Wednesday, July 16th. We need your vegetables to make the program happen!

For questions about the Lyndale Food Share or to volunteer to help make it happen, please contact Jennifer: / 612.824.9402 x 12.

LNA is growing tomatoes and peppers for the Lyndale Food Share