Luke Comes to Life tonight!


There’s a show that I’m looking forward to seeing that I initially rejected out of hand. Luke Comes to Life is the sincere telling of the Gospel of Luke, by a guy who happens to be a minister.

Exactly why did I think I wouldn’t like this show?

I’m not a Christian. Well, I’m not Hmong, either, yet Longing for Qeej is on my list.

I’m afraid that the actor is out to turn me into a Christian. Hmm. And I Love You (We’re F*#cked) is trying to turn me into a gay man. (Wait, I already am a gay man, happily trapped in a woman’s body.)

Now factor in that Wesley Brainard is a hell of a performer — his preview and video trailer rocked.  He’s also a nice guy, based on a three-minute exchange outside HUGE Theater. And it’s got to be a compelling story, right, to have survived this long? I’m in. Wesley has toured this show across the country, but this is his first Fringe Festival.  His show opens tonight at 8:30 in the Rarig Arena. See you there.