Low interest fixer upper loans


It is nice to see homes being fixed up.  There is a low interest loan program through Historic Saint Paul for people who want to fix up homes built before 1940.  There are guidelines and rules but it is worth a look.  

fixer upper

There are also some city Living home improvement loans available through the City of St. Paul.  They like to move the links so if you are reading this six months or so from when it was written follow the link and it will take you to the city web site where you will need to do another search for the loan program because the page will say that there is no page matching your entry.  They even use the word “sorry” which they could not possibly mean.   I  think the city has one full-time employee responsible for moving things around on the web sites so the links won’t work anymore.  I would be good at a job like that and next time they have an opening I plan to apply. 

There are targeted loan programs available to home owners in parts of the city. The Targeted home rehab loan program.  There is also anemergency repair loan program that is 0% and does not have to be paid back for 30 years or until the home owner moves or the home is sold which ever comes first.  

These programs have geographic and income restrictions. 

In St. Paul we tend to want to save houses instead of demolishing them.  Most of the time that is a good idea but not always.