FRIDAY PICK | Lovemelt Wedding Celebration: A private affair becomes a public party


When practically half the city of Minneaplis knows you from your television appearances or dance parties or that time you took over the Jumbotron at Target Field, how do you decide who to invite to your wedding? Hal and Kara Lovemelt—yes, that’s their new legal surname—decided to invite everybody, renting out the Varsity Theater for a wedding celebration that’s also going to be a performance and a party. Hal Lovemelt, with collaborators, fueled the psychedelic visuals of Freaky Deeky, and now he and his new wife make their video magic available for rent under the auspices of a partnership known as “Playatta.” If you like what you see at their wedding, hire them for your company party or Bar Mitzvah! Ask them to throw in a few Freaky Deeky friends, and I’ll come too, in costume as Count Snuggula.

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