Lot O’ Shakespeare at the Minnesota Fringe Festival


Thursday night we zipped across town to see You Only Live Forever Once at 8:30 at the Bryant Lake Bowl. After one detour, four spins around the block to find parking, and 20 minutes waiting in line, the show was sold out. Lesson learned, we decided to stay put. We ventured a few doors down to Jackson’s Coffee and drowned our sorrows in gelato.

We got in line early for Timothy Mooney’s Lot O’ Shakespeare. I wouldn’t have chosen a show of consecutive Shakespeare monologues for a thirteen year old. Fears of a guy in tights spitting all over the audience ruining the Bard for Tommy creeped into my mind. But Tommy was up for the challenge, so we went on in.

I’m glad we did! Mooney was fantastic, animating each character with energy. It was exciting. You can’t help but sit back and be dazzled.

The event was framed as a bingo game. The audience received an IAGO (BINGO) card when they stepped into the theater. Each monologue had a corresponding number. When Mooney pulled a number he would perform the listed speech. After the bingo game was complete, he took requests. Tommy requested Romeo and Juliet because he enjoyed seeing it at CTC a few years ago.

As far as Kids’ Fringe-I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under thirteen.