Lose waste!


Are you feeling bloated and trashy after the holidays? Having a hard time closing the lid of your garbage bin? Are you embarrassed by that extra bag bulge? Wish you could lose waste but don’t know how to begin?

Help is on the way. Thanks to a $5,000 grant from Hennepin County Community POWER Networks grant, in 2011 will see the launch of East Calhoun Waste-Watchers, a waste-reduction support group. Waste-Watchers is an effort by the East Calhoun Green Team to help residents cut down their trash through composting and increased recycling. Did you know that garbage is a significant source of heat-trapping CO2 emissions?  That a third of our trash is compostable? That most of us dump perfectly good materials like newspapers, mail, cans and bottles into the trash instead of the recycling bin? All true. Let’s get with the program:  it’s time to lose waste.

Look for information in the Uptown Neighborhood News, East Calhoun e-newsletter and online at www.eastcalhoun.org about our free lawn signs, free summer workshops and free home recycling consultations.  Would you like to recycle more but are confused by all the rules?  Have you avoided signing up for organics recycling because you don’t know what kind of bags to use or where the heck to store the extra bin?  Waste-Watchers will clarify the Do’s and Don’ts and help solve your logistical dilemmas so you can lighten up.

Interested in learning more? Want to join Waste-Watchers? Contact Sarah at 612.824.2613.

Sarah Sponheim lives with her family in ECCO, is on the ECCO board and chairs its Green Team.