Head Scarf Society returns on Sunday


The 6th and Totally Unique HEAD SCARF SOCIETY-Tea Lit Encounter will take place at the end of this month. One of the organizers, Rose McGee said they were are bringing together and want to invite all women to join this special event where guests will enjoy a diverse sampling of foods from across the world made by Midtown Global Market vendors. Three varieties of tea will be served and door prizes will be awarded.

Head Scarf Society Tea will take place on Sunday December 30 fro 3 to 5pm at Midtown Global Market. Reservations $15; At the door $20.

Rose McGee, who is one of the founders told the African News Journal when asked how the idea came to play that she always admired the concept of Red Hats Society, but wanted something a more inclusive, more diverse and came up with the idea of head scarves. She said that everyone wears a head scarf at some point. “The concept came about around the summer of ’06 in the parking lot of my church.” McGee said adding that a woman named Delores Foster and her were in conversation over “what” the common head gear should be – a black hat? Nope. A purple hat? Nooooo. And she said, “Why not use head scarves?” And she agreed – that’s it! The idea of Head Scarf Society begins.

The first event of the Head Scarf Society held at the Midtown Global Market (old Sears Bldg) in South Minneapolis, on October 2006. Presented at the event great food from the various vendors there in the market along with 3 different types of teas. Since then, McGee said, five gatherings have taken place – all at MGM. “We’ve had dynamic guest (volunteer) presenters: Kevyn Burger (101.7); Jane Evershed (visual artist), several poets. Our upcoming tea will feature author, Beverly Welch reading from her new book, “Holy Mother’s Delight”. She added. At this point, Rose McGee with the help of a few friends work together to make sure this thing flows. She said they are an intergeneration, multi-ethnic Team: Celeste Terry, Rachel Dischinger, Roslyn Harmon (my daughter), Lugenia Smith (my sister) and Tasha Terry. We always end up with several student volunteers as well.

For now, Head Scarf Society is not either profit or non-profit. Nor has there been a profit. All funds are from individual contributors mostly the presenters. She said that the last two have been less a financial loss because more people have attended. The event is opened to women and girls of all ages and cultures.

When asked the purpose of the event, she said that initially, there was no purpose other than just bringing women and girls together in a relaxing atmosphere. “More and more my own inner spirit seem guided to getting HSS into a financial position that will help educate and provide scholarships to women and ESPECIALLY girls who are interested in starting their own business.” McGee said

Overall, McGee said that she would like to see HSS (Head Scarf Society) take off and that she would like to get volunteers involved who are “visionaries” and have a passion for women and girls connecting, growing and learning how to “relax”.