Local News Roundup – April 15


The Daily Planet can’t cover all the neighborhood news in the Twin Cities, but we publish a lot of neighborhood stories. Here’s a sampling of recent, locally-focused articles:

Uptown in Minneapolis Uptown Neighborhood News reported: What started as Roxie Speth’s mission to sell her art has turned into a public art and produce market. Uptown Neighborhood News also introduces a CARAG resident who makes Big Footprints.b>St. Paul From Hmong Today, we have the story of the Hmong Chamber of Commerce event, celebrating the good news with the Hmong economy. Powderhorn Park is getting ready for May Day, and also considering the possibility of a new soccer field in the park. Back in the Hamline Midway neighborhood in St. Paul, Mosaic on a Stick is making art for the neighborhood. From Southeast Minneapolis, The Bridge brings a report of the Glendale food shelf reopening.