Living Green 2008


In 1970 the popular song “It’s Not Easy Being Green” was composed and sung by Kermit the Frog on Sesame Street, the popular and iconic children’s television show. Kermit laments the fact that he is green and thus defined by his color. Thirty years later guess what – it is easy being green and you can find out just how green you can be by participating in the Seventh Living Green Expo going on this weekend, May 3 and 4 at the Minnesota State Fair from 10:00AM to 5:00PM on both days.

We have come a long way from Kermit’s green lament from the 70’s. The Seventh Annual Living Green Expo is sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. (For more information call Pamela McCurdy at (651)215-0230.) There will be more than 200 exhibitors of products, services and information along with sixty workshops on sustainability and green living topics.

While wandering around the Expo you will also hear musicians from Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, New Orleans, Southern Rag, Celtic Music, Cuban Salsa and fusion among others. Will any of them play “It Isn’t Easy Being Green?” The specific musical offerings can be viewed at

Here are some highlights:

Meet the Green Guardian from the Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board and learn how you can be part of the three “R”s – reducing, reusing and recycling.

Dodge Nature Center invites kids to use recycled fibers to make toys, mulch and more. Kids can also go wild with face paints made from natural materials.

Bruce the Bug Guy will have his BUG show and kids can learn all about hissing cockroaches, giant millipedes, tarantulas and scorpions. He even has BUG snacks!

Create your own Reptile Rattle using creative materials and working with artists from Art Start’s Artscraps. Or, at the Bees, Butterflies and Beetles workshop – create your own insect headpiece.

Find out how your family can participate in the Green Revolution in reducing your individual carbon footprint, eating and living a more healthy life style while not polluting our earth.

Who knows? After attending the Seventh Annual Living Green Expo this weekend, maybe the 21st century Kermit will go back to croaking “ribit” and being proud that he is green!