Little Sushi on the Prairie


Stumbling upon this restaurant was a pleasant surprise – this is a great place for Sushi in the South-West Metro.

8353 Crystal View Rd, #103

Eden Prairie, MN 55344


Rating (Scale 1-10, with 10 being the highest):
Food: 8
Service: 8
Ambience: 6

I (Nick) and my coworkers were craving Sushi one afternoon. We usually go to the local Byerlys because it’s cheap and quick, but today had to be different. We had to think hard for a Sushi restaurant in the South-West metro (there aren’t many in this area) until I recalled that I had seen Little Sushi on my many trips to Cam Rahn Bay and Punch Pizza, all of which are within walking distance of each other. The restaurant, which is owned by three Sushi chefs, is located in the retail space adjacent to an office building. When you enter, your eyes immediately fixate on the Sushi chefs hard at work behind their counter, and the Sushi specials menu hanging from the wall. The décor is simple, clean, but not extravagant. The large windows paired with light colors give the restaurant an airy and open feel.

The menu is heavily weighted towards Sushi, but there are other options such as tempura and teriyaki. We opted for a combination of Maki Sushi (Rolls) and Sashimi (fresh cuts of raw fish). The 14 Piece Sashimi Platter was loaded with choices made by the chef himself – Tuna, White Tuna, Yellow Tail Tuna, Salmon, Surf Clam, and Mackerel. The cuts were a little thicker than we had imagined, but both the quality of the fish and the presentation were spot on. For Sushi, we opted for the Crunchy Roll, Dynamite Roll, and the Taiger Roll (from the specials menu). The Taiger Roll was awesome – a delectable combination of red snapper, spicy mayo, fish eggs, salmon, eel, and sweet eel sauce – great flavors and what creativity. I loved the Dynamite Roll which was “clear your sinuses” spicy mostly from the Thai pepper, but also from the copious amounts of wasabi I added to the Soy. For dessert, we were treated to two types of Mochi (Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice) – passion fruit and green tea, and both had ice cream in the center. What a fabulous ending to the meal – you bite through the sticky, chewy exterior and end with the cold and creamy ice cream. The service was good – we were well attended to and the recommendations were great. Overall, we are glad to have found a good Sushi restaurant close to work, but at $35 per person for the food, drinks, tax, and tip, this was an expensive lunch.

$$$. The Sushi special was around $15 and the Sashimi platter was $20. Other Sushi options are between $5 and $15.

Update (June 10, 2008) – A return lunch trip to Little Sushi was as memorable as the first. In addition to the regular menu, they did have a couple of special rolls. We went with the Taiger Roll, which we had enjoyed on our first visit, and relished as much this time around. Our server recommended the Spaghetti Roll, with salmon and chili oil, topped with thin spaghetti-like strands of cooked Pollock. Now that’s beautiful and incredibly yum. An order of Steamed Broccoli (served with a soy dipping sauce) served as a nice clean palate cleanser between the sushi parade. We liked the Nuclear Roll, but the defining spicy characteristic was severely lacking. Service was painfully slow, but being a lunch meeting we did get quite a bit of work accomplished while waiting anxiously for our food. I’d hate to imagine how long we would have to wait when the restaurant is packed. Nevertheless, service is attentive and the staff is friendly.