Linden Hills approves NRP spending plan


The $503,161 plan submitted by the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council (LHiNC) passed 53-2.

The five NRP-funded strategies over the next four years are:

– Housing

– Community development

– Environment, transportation and streetscape design

– Social support and development

– Business development

The housing strategy takes up 70 percent of the Action Plan, as NRP mandates. It allocates $127,860 to home improvement loans, $125,000 to the city’s affordable housing trust fund, $25,000 to a senior development fund (to provide “modest grantsŠto encourage low-income senior housing developments in Linden Hills”) and $2,500 to “provide seniors with the help they need to maintain their homes or to address their accessibility or livability issues.”

The community development strategy received $139,476 to produce a neighborhood newsletter and to fund a part-time coordinator and to “ensure nonpersonnel organizational support” to help with NRP plan implementation. It also includes $5,000 for a welcoming packet for new neighborhood residents and $4,830 to “identify large multiunit developments that are in need of an individual block club and [to] recruit block leaders.”

The environment strategy includes $51,025 to “maintain and enhance our urban forest,” $4,500 to install “public outdoor chess/checkers tables at the Linden Hills Park” and $2,400 to “install umbrellas at the Linden Hills wading pool.”

The social support and development strategy has $43,500 for youth grants, $4,500 to “improve teen-oriented educational and related materials at the [Linden Hills] library,” and $1,500 to showcase community artists and conduct an annual art fair.

The business development strategy was given $1,400, by far the smallest allocation of the five. This portion of the plan is to help install bike racks “where needed in the Linden Hills business district.”