Lieberman + Farrakhan = Junge?


Interesting post from City Pages staffer Britt Robson ( Friday connecting Fifth District congressional candidate Ember Reichgott Junge with Minister Louis Farrakhan. Robson argues that Junge should be taken to task for her support of Joe Lieberman, not just because he plays kissy-face with the president, but because he’s on the record as someone who “respects” Farrakhan. Robson quotes a September 26, 2000 interview in which Lieberman said, “I have respect for him . . . I admire what Minister Farrakhan is doing.”

So, should Junge be aligned with Farrakhan by association? Robson’s not going that far, necessarily, but he’d like to see those who have been blasting Keith Ellison for his former “association” with Farrakhan to demand some clarity on the issue from Junge.

What this says about anyone’s qualifications to represent the district in Congress, of course, is an open question. But if you want a pissing match, I suppose everybody should get an opportunity to empty their bladder.