Let us rejoin the world, my words


We abandoned the world when George W. Bush became the President of the United States of America. We embarked on a course of conquering it when “W” became the “Emperor of the World” after the September 11 attacks. Both plans and policies were mean-spirited and wrong. They have brought nothing positive for America or the world. Only dead humans, economic ruin and environmental disaster.

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Now, after the cleansing of the American “State House” through this historic changing of the guards, we have a golden opportunity to rejoin the human community as a humble member but one who has been and can again be a good role model. A leader with enormous resources who must and can steer this badly bruised globe toward recovery.

Visionary Americans such as Eleanor Roosevelt (who convinced her husband) and Harold Stassen, the former Republican Governor of Minnesota, spear-headed the creation of a permanent international forum called the United Nations. A cooperative of the governments of the world. A center to join hands in order to prevent wars, bring the on-going ones to end and forge a united front to tackle our global problems. For over 60 years, this association of governments has achieved miracles despite manipulation, arms-twisting and outright sabotage by the major and super powers. President Bush, to his discredit appointed a U.N. hater, named John Bolton, as the U.S. Ambassador to this vital organization. Bolton’s clear vision and mission was to turn this representative assembly (relatively speaking) into a puppet of and instrument for the Bush foreign policy establishment. Thank God it did not work. And, now, the American body politic, like the rest of the world community, have rejected the agenda, the schemes and the machinations of Bush 2, Bolton and the rest of the followers of the Project for the New American Century_ or, as I would call it “The Project for the Establishment of the Third Roman Empire”.

The United Nations is the only legitimate international body to bring order to Iraq, build a workable state in Afghanistan, stop the genocide in Sudan and Congo, eradicate poverty, fight terrorism, abolish disease, tackle global warming and eco-system deterioration, and form a united front to “Save the World”. Yes, it needs reforms. But it is our best chance. And, we are fast running out of time. American government, as well as others, must grant it the necessary funds, the required police force, and the authority to represent us effectively. America, because of who it is, must allow and enable the United Nations to do the job it was supposed to perform.

Let us as citizens of this crying planet do our part to support and promote the concept and work of the U.N. Let us unite our efforts through this unique assembly to improve our lot. No one has so far come up with a better system. Let us, as ordinary people, joint the local United Nations Associations (UNAs) in order to muster popular and governmental support for the U.N. to achieve extra-ordinary goals.