Let him wear turtlenecks


Dear Cyn,

I saw your column last week about men drinking white wine, and I tend to agree. Here’s where I draw the line, though: men in turtlenecks. I won’t let my boyfriend wear them, but he thinks guys can make that look work. I don’t think it looks “girlish,” it just looks dweeby. Are you with me?


Dear Patty,

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Well…I think that depends on the guy. Some can pull it off and others do just look “dweeby,” as you say. I think it depends on their physique and overall style. If he has broader shoulders and/or is in shape, a turtleneck can accent the abs, chest, and shoulders nicely. If he’s a 90-pound weakling, he’ll look more like a dweeb than in other clothes perhaps. Does he have longer hair? Wear stylish eyeglasses? It can work just fine, especially if it’s classic dark or rich colors like black, grey, or red. I never really like to hear when someone won’t let their significant other wear the clothes they like, unless the clothing is inappropriate for specific situations. So I’d say let him wear turtlenecks—at least when you’re not there.


Photo by Sam Teigen (Creative Commons)