Lemonade Chronicles XXII: Know your sustainable seafood parameters


by Jackie Alfonso | September 9, 2009 • About 10 years ago, Steve Nadis wrote a great article that was published in National Wildlife magazine. It describes the circumstances that lead to or away from sustainable fishing.

I have not found a more recent list that is as good – but if you know of one, please let me know so we can encourage people to use it.

Lemonade Chronicles is a blog written by Jackie Alfonso, a local writer who is deeply concerned about food … and other issues.

Steve Nadis’ list of good choices for seafood:

Clams (farmed) U.S, Canada, New Zealand

Albacore/Tombo Tuna (Pacific)

Calamari (Pacific)

Catfish (farmed)

Dungeness crab Halibut (Alaska) (Mahi/Dorado)*

Mussels  farmed, U.S., Canada, New Zealand

New Zealand Cod (Hoki)

Oysters (farmed) U.S., Canada, New Zealand

Rainbow Trout (farmed)

Salmon, wild-caught from California or Alaska*

Striped Bass (farmed)

Sturgeon (farmed)*

Tilapia (farmed) 

List of bad choices due to impact on populations or environment:

Bluefin Tuna

Chilean Sea Bass/Patagonian Toothfish

Atlantic Cod, Lingcod


Orange Roughy

Rockfish, Pacific Red Snapper/Rock Cod

Sablefish/Butterfish/Black Cod

Salmon (farmed)

Sea Scallops (Atlantic)

Shark (ALL)

Shrimp/Prawns wild-caught, farmed and Trawl-caught



* indicates varying information on sustainability