Legislative update


Republican leaders of the Minnesota Legislature want the session to finish up early. They’re planning to conclude business at the end of April. But rather than getting traction to push towards that optimistic goal, this week it seemed like the wheels were spinning.

On Monday the Vikings plan for a new football temple in Minneapolis was derailed in a House committee and many said the issue was dead for the year. But today the pressure to pass something will increase. At mid-week, abortion politics entered the debate as the house and senate voted to place new requirements on doctors and clinics that provide abortions. Yesterday, legislators couldn’t agree on a measure to fix their own roof at the state capitol. And the bonding bill, which is the primary job of this session, remains unfinished.

Marty Owings covers the legislature for KFAI. He talked with Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi on the Weekly News. [Audio below]