Leaving her stamp: Louella Hirsch wins Falcon Heights Sidewalk Poetry Contest


We’ve all probably heard “not carved in stone” or “not written in stone” or even “not set in concrete” used to suggest a lack of permanence or that something is subject to change.

Well, Louella Hirsch’s award-winning poem will be set in concrete soon, which is pretty neat for someone who has never done much more than dabble in the literary form.

“Our family has a tradition of presenting the honorees at birthdays or anniversaries with a poem and I’ve contributed to that, but this is the first time I’ve been published,” the retired psychologist said.

Hirsch’s entry was among two dozen in the first Falcon Heights Sidewalk Poetry Contest and will be stamped into a sidewalk panel at a location yet to be determined in the city.

The poem:

Embedded Walk

Walking along,
Glancing down,
Eye the words:
Poetry in motion.

“We were very excited by the response to the contest,” said Falcon Heights Mayor Peter Lindstrom. “The judges thought Louella’s submission personified exactly what we were looking for. We appreciate all who took the time to submit a poem and are extremely grateful to the Falcon Heights-Lauderdale Lions Club for sponsoring the contest.”

The city received 23 submissions, which were read by the Mayor’s Sidewalk Poetry Panel: Lindstrom and residents Jane Dickerson, Susan Thurston Hamerski and Jon Anderson.