Leah Cooper on the Fringe


Leah Cooper, a child math prodigy, started her first theater company as a teenager in Los Angeles. When she relocated to Minneapolis eight years ago, she participated in the Minnesota Fringe Festival as a playwright, producer and director. She then joined the Board of Directors and became its Executive Director in September 2001. Under Cooper’s leadership, the Fringe established itself as an integral part of the Twin Cities arts community and the largest non-juried performing arts festival in the United States. She is now leaving her post at the Fringe and heading to South America with her new husband, theater artist Alan Berks, who co-founded Thirst Theater.

“Listen to the interview here”:http://www.mnartists.org/uploads/news/c7a7a7dd4fec0334d1d5da80accd9d53/c7a7a7dd4fec0334d1d5da80accd9d53.mp3

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