Launa Newman, MSR publisher and standard-bearer, passes


2 thoughts on “Launa Newman, MSR publisher and standard-bearer, passes

  1. Launa and Cecil were our neighbors on Lake Calhoun; being, white, female, Jewish and from the south, “we” could talk for hours on end about “all-that should have been-dealt with and taken its place in the history books”.. but, “we” three knew it would take generations ( if then) before “the hate and indifference” would pass… Both of people knew first-hand “personal suffering” ( as lighter word) They lived at 3800 York Ave. South; right in the middle of an all white “very-well-to-do” tight knit neighborhood that was known as “the gold coast”; AND, let this be known, they were welcomed with open-arms; into our homes
    ( walking in the front door) , they had a seat at our breakfast table and our formal dinner tables; they, Cecil and Launa were highly progressive, inventive and intelligent individuals, their grace, warmth and hospitality was REAL; as was their humor and laughter and they knew how “to HUG” ! As years have passed, I still KNOW… ( as I knew way-back-then) that I AM in the right place.. and .. I was blessed to have been “there-in the moment” and sharing my time with these two remarkable human beings, made by G_D hands! OH! Lordy, THIS world needs more folks like Cecil and Launa Newman. If YOU have their DNA… You are incredibly blessed !! JUST Do Something “good” with your Blessing ! Pass their goodness on to those walking beside YOU…. this is “why” G_D sent us these two beautiful people.
    Keep all of their work.. mov’en FORWARD !!!

  2. Interesting reading knowing that family had that much going on for them, Katherine Corbin, I do not know if you are still living if you are that was the most touching and sweet comments you made and if by chance God has called you on home, I want all your family to know how remarkable I found this article and so pleasing to read

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