The latest on $4 generics


Other pharmacies will soon be jumping on the $4 generic drug program. The Snyders Drug Store in Mankato has posted a handwritten sign saying “We will beat the price on any $4 generic drug.” What does that mean? Their price is $3.99. Whether the chain will adopt the $3.99 price across all its stores is under consideration.

Meanwhile, Minnesota Public Radio has pointed out the the $4 for a 30-day supply has some caveats. Some medications on the list will actually cost more. (Why are we not surprised?) The blame, apparently, is on a 70-year-old state law prohibiting the sale of drugs below cost. Minnesota is not unique in this exception as at least eight other states have similar laws, including California, Colorado and Wisconsin.

Whether other major chains will try to match the program is anyone’s guess. According to, Walgreen and Kmart “already have special pricing programs in place and [will] not make additional mark downs.” As for other local stores and regional and national chains, stay tuned.