“Evita” at the Orpheum Theatre: Bueno Play in Buenos Aires


Evita, which takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina managed to kick off in the blistering cold city of Minneapolis on Tuesday night. The story is based on the wife of Argentine political leader Juan Peron’s wife, Eva Peron. It follows her through her early life and into her death. The story is told by a humble man named Che, who offers his commentary and opinions along the way. The hypocrisy of the leaders are exposed in the play, but for a large part it is a story of triumph as Eva is able to elevate herself consistently through life. The play was put back onto Broadway in 2012. It started as a rock opera concert in 1976. Overall, this interpretation of the show was very solid across the board.

Josh Young, who played Che, had a flat voice but the crowd loved him nevertheless. There was a certain charm that he brought to the part of the sassy yet conscientious observer. Caroline Bowman who embodies Eva during the weekdays was sexy and strong in her role. She was able to play the role of the queen, but more importantly she was able to show that Eva always knew she was going to be something special. Madonna was the one who previously played the leading role in the 1996 film interpretation. In his piece as Juan Peron, Sean McLaughlin had me laughing a little at his attempts of emotion. He was over the top, and did not stack up with the other two leads.

The choreography was superb. There was frequent dancing and there was never a problem in the delivery of it. The songs were extremely catchy and fun. The orchestra, led by William Waldrop was faultless in their delivery as well. As for the costumes, they were certainly satisfactory. The scene where Eva switches dawns four different outfits for four different men was a very entertaining scene.

The lighting effect that I was keen on was the ability to show fog throughout the air. There was always a little layer of smoke over the actors heads. . Overall, the set was pretty flavorless.The set sometimes had a screen above it displaying old images or clips of the screen. This was distracting and unnecessary.

The play was highly enjoyable. It is a riveting story that has you asking questions along the way. Catchy music and sound acting help guide the play along. The dancing and special effects only add to this. The set could use some spicing up and the singing was so-so. But if even the queen is not perfect, there is no reason to expect the play to be. I would advice joining the queen for the ride to the top of the throne.