“Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: The Musical”: “Ladies and…ladies”


“Ladies and…ladies.” I took my straight, white father to the show and when I told him, “tonight we will be seeing Priscilla Queen of the Desert.” He replied with, “Oh s***.” Priscilla Queen of the Desert invited a range of people to the show, which can still be you. If you love “punny” things, exotic moments, and laughing, this show will bring a smile to your day no matter what mood you began with. By the end of the show he left with the totally opposite attitude. Although it sounds entertaining, Priscilla Queen of the Deserts has viewer discretion is advised, written all over it. Staring Wade Mccollum as Tick, a devoted Drag Queen, who travels on a road trip to visit his son he hasn’t seen in 6 years, with two of his drag friends on the bus named Priscilla. This show keeps the audience laughing consistently, even my father.

My father also has some very straight forward beliefs. My palms were damp at the beginning of the show from nervousness of how he would react. Thanks to the talented and comical Drag queens, who were nothing less than a hoot and a holler all night, my father left fond of their puns and he did not regret attending. As the story progressed the kinks, technical mistakes, and mixed emotions began to fade away. Opening night props broke down, behind the scene secrets were revealed, but the mistakes worked themselves out as the story and characters did.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert had some rough and broken down moments in the beginning, middle, but not the end. Singing, technical elements and the story broke down but later progressed into a meaningful but facelifting surprise. In the beginning we had shaky microphones and sound issues. These mistakes were not unnoticeable, and father and I were surprised at the shakiness in the beginning. The middle the story consisted of Priscilla, the bus, breaking down. But in the end, those minute problems did not ruin the overall talent portrayed or feeling of enjoyment that me and my father got from watching Priscilla Queen of the Desert. 

While many other things progress for the better one thing stayed consistent. The money put into costumes and cast attire was more of a priority then the set. Although the stage might not be what one would expect for a drag show it contained all the necessary items and none more. 

If you are looking for a hysterical night out or just plain entertainment this is a show for you, but not your kids. No matter your initial emotion, reaction, or thought you will leave knowing that you just had an unforgettable experience, whatever that may be to you. I rate it 4 1/2 stars; let’s hear your ratings.