Kymara and Shannon shine


Kymara, fronted by singer-songsmith Shannon, has got hot in considerably short order. The band debuted in 2005 with the EP, Liquor Hot and, between hard-edged ballads and fascinating stage presence, soon gained momentum. After which, they did something few bands do — instead of taking ages to go back in the studio, complete a follow-up and eventually get around to releasing it, they put out the full-length CD Kymara Live at The Fine Line right on the heels of Liquor Hot. It paid off. With virtually no lag time, audience appetite was up and the buzz was still going around, keeping Kymara’s fan base in place and drawing new listeners. To date, they’ve gigged at some of the more impressive spots around the Twin Cities, i.e. Acadia Café, The Fine Line and Varsity Theater, where they return this week. Shannon also did a winning acoustic set on Minneapolis Television Network’s “Spectator” (MTN-Ch. 17), including “Brown-Eyed Bitch” from Kymara Live at The Fine Line. One of the bands saltier selections, the cut goes along the lines of, “For years, I’ve been fed your shit/ starvin’ on empty promises /’til now, I am full/ And these truths have been misconstrued to paint a prettier picture of you/what you gonna do honey, when they smell you?”

Kymara is at Varsity Theater with headliners Casual Confusion, 8pm, July 14, 1306 4th Street, in Dinkytown, near the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus. And at Tiffany Sports Lounge, 8:00pm, Aug. 11th 2051 Ford Parkway St. Paul in St. Paul.

Shannon wasn’t doing badly prior to forming the band with Clarence “Nate” Cole of 2 Wurds on bass, Ryan Weber on keyboards and Scotty Albrecht of Filthy Divine on drums and percussion. She’d made a name for herself as a session drummer, occasionally stepping in front of the mike. Cole nudged her to strap on a guitar and sing fulltime. She hasn’t stopped since. And is at no loss for words in talking about Kymara.

Twin Cities Daily Planet: Why did you form Kymara?
Shannon: After doing the acoustic solo thing for a while and wanted…a fuller, more polished sound. Kymara can be just acoustic [and can be] a full band, adding different elements to each song. For example: [the song]”Liquor Hot”, which I had written for acoustic/Vox, was taken to a whole different level when you add keys, bass, drums, and electric guitar.

TCDP: After, what, a second year? Kymara is on solid footing. Not a bad accomplishment when bands flop all the time.
Shannon: Everyone in my band I’ve known for longer then the band has been together. We have a better professional relationship because of it with open communication. And understand what each one of us brings to the table. These guys are all amazing musicians and great to work with.

TCDP: You writing new material?
Shannon: Yes, definitely. “Serendipity” will be our newest song that we will be playing at our Varsity show. I’m really excited for it.

TDCP: Are you recording?
Shannon: We’re talking about doing it this fall after our show at Tiffany’s in August. We’re planning on taking a break to get things back on track.

TDCP: You did an all female lineup at Acadia last year, bringing in Alicia Wiley and some others. How pleased were you with the experience?
Shannon: The Acadia show was stellar. I loved that bill and intend to do it again sometime soon. We started off the night with Debra G.Â. [from Copasetic] going solo acoustic. Alicia Wiley was joined by her amazing drummer Kevin Washington. Ill Chemistry with Desdamona and Carnage. The place was packed. I was doing the door and I had to find more chairs for people. People were standing in the doorways listening in the cafe’. It was an amazing experience.

TCDP: Gonna do it again?
Shannon: Yep.

TCDP: What’s next for Kymara?
Shannon: Recording an album and just taking some time to get everything together on the business side of things.