Kudos to The Uptake


Kudos to The Uptake.  As some 42,000 people contributed $8 million to Minnesota nonprofits, The Uptake covered it all — not the dollars, but the stories of the nonprofits that will use those $8 million to improve the lives of Minnesotans. 

Hour after hour nonprofit representatives described their organization, the services, the needs, and the specific ways in which the contributed dollars will make a difference. The result was a powerful — and persuasive — parade of needs and of capable and committed community leaders with ideas, energy and focus. Totally hooked on the audio stream, I listened to dozens of interviews, many with leaders of organizations of which I knew little or nothing. Though technological gaffes probably left the crews with headaches I found them charming and humanizing.

My sole regret as I listened to one after another interview and organizational promo was that I’d tapped out my ability to send another donation. Still, The Uptake’s coverage expands my awareness of the depth and breadth of the resources we have, as told by the people who spot the needs, design the strategies and do the work in the field. That includes The Uptake, a unique player in Minnesota’s panoply of nonprofits.