Kindle in the schools


by Ann Treacy | June 10, 2009 • Ann Higgins sent me a great article on California’s plan to have the school text books go digital. What a great move! As the article points out – it would save the students some backaches.

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One issue of course is the homes without computer – but it seems to me that this is a perfect use of the Kindle. Maybe there’s an opportunity to marry those super sturdy $100 laptops available in Third World Countries with the Kindle.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed this week that going digital could save schools hundreds of millions of dollars a year. I don’t know that the cost savings would be immediate – but I suspect that’s true in the long run.

I think another thing to consider is how kids learn and what they should prepare for in the future. In 10 years are we going to be reading books or Kindles? (I actually heard a public radio show on that topic and they determined that in two years we’d still have books and e-books.) I know in my work life I read a lot more online than off.

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