At ‘Kill the Bill’ rally, Bachmann compares Obama to Chavez


About 1,000 people gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol lawn Saturday to hear Rep. Michele Bachmann speak out against health care reform. Billed as the “Kill the Bill Rally,” Bachmann railed against a “government takeover” of all aspects of the economy and compared Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez. 

“Some have called President Obama the first post-American president,” Bachmann said. “Certainly this health care bill would be our first postmodern legislation where words mean absolutely nothing.”

While other speakers took the podium, Bachmann was easily the crowd favorite, and her supporters waved signs reading “Obama Lies, Babies Die,” “Damn this federal government to hell,” “Obama bin Lyin'” and “The citizens must declare war on their immoral, corrupt, Marxist government.”


“Obama’s idea is for Pelosi to pass a bill and have her members vote on something they never voted for. Sounds more like a Chavez tactic in Venezuela,” said Bachmann. “We have a duty to resist tyranny. This isn’t a joke. They can’t do this. The government is working against us. They are not working for us, and they got it all backwards. They work for us. We don’t work for them.”

“All I am doing in Washington is my job. And I’m in trouble every day of the week in the media in Minnesota, but it’s because I’m doing my job!” Bachmann said.

shovehealthcareBachmann praised veterans both past and present. “And these men had guts our founders, these were no pantywaist wusses, and neither are we by the way!”

arrestpelosiShe continued to rail against Pelosi and Obama. “They don’t scare us. They aren’t going to take our country. This is dictatorial is what they are doing.”

Bachmann wasn’t the only politician at the rally. Rep. John Kline gave brief introductory remarks. Congressional candidate Barb Davis White, addressed the crowd, while gubernatorial candidates Tom Emmer and Marty Seifert stood on stage alongside Bachmann.

Bachmann wrapped up her 27-minute speech by saying, “Mark my words, the American people are not going to take this lying down. We aren’t going to play their game. We aren’t going to pay their taxes.”

The UpTake recorded Bachmann’s full speech: