Kiffmeyer’s favorite electronic voting company settles complaint in Indiana


ES&S, the voting system software company that Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer has touted as a way to make Minnesota’s elections more efficient, has agreed to a $750,000 settlement with the state of Indiana for election foul-ups.

As the Associated Press reports, the Omaha-based software company agreed to pay the amount in response to complaints that its voting software had caused significant delays for voters and elections officials in some Indiana counties during the May primary election.

In four Indiana counties, the ES&S software malfunctioned, requiring that election officials manually enter votes for each candidate in each precinct.

“I am confident that future elections will be better,” said Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita.

Rokita’s view in the wake of the botched May primary mirrors that of Kiffmeyer, who last November selected ES&S to provide optical scanners for this year’s election. “For more than 35 years, ES&S has worked hand-in-hand with state and local election officials in Minnesota to improve our election process,” Kiffmeyer said in a statement released by ES&S. “This history, combined with ES&S’ leading-edge technology, helps our state achieve HAVA compliance.”

ES&S senior vice president John Groh admitted that the company had compiled a “bible” of lessons from the Indiana debacle—an unfortunate choice of words, given Kiffmeyer’s evangelical support for Republican candidates.