Kerpeh Dwanyen to lead the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota (OLM)


On Sunday December 2, close to 2000 Liberians scurried to the Brooklyn Center High School despite weather challenges to cast their votes on who should better lead them. To steer them for the next two years are Kerpeh Dwanyen and Andrew Tehmeh. According to the Elections Commission, Mr. the Dwanyen-Tehmeh team had a total vote of 805-twice that of incumbent Martha Sinoe of the Sinoe-Morris team to climb to the helm.

The new OLM head is described as an illustrious individual who has committed himself to helping the Liberian course in the U.S. Dwanyen has been very involved in all Liberian community issues and played a championing role in the campaign to Congress to grant Liberians Temporary Protected Status.

He was chair of a one-day Liberian Private Sector Investment Symposium, organized by the Government of Liberia through its Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Speaking to his supporters, Dwanyen thanked them for believing in him, despite the early distraction that surrounded him during the campaigns and debates; noting firmly that the trust placed on him by the Liberian people in Minnesota will not be in vain. “This trust, gives me the opportunity to turn the corner and a new leaf in the affairs of OLM” he said.

He promised that his leadership of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota will be one of accountability, engagement, and service providing-ensuring the welfare of Liberians in Minnesota.

Elected alongside Kerpeh Dwanyen are Andrew Tehmeh, Vice- President; Kulah Parker, Treasurer; Thalia M. Cooper, General Secretary; Deddeh Tulay, Parliamentarian; and Rev. Geraldine Freeman, Chaplain. Those voted into the board are Gray Geogette , Doris Parker, Richard Parker, Henry Kesselly, and Arthur Zakama. Those voted into office will be sworn-in in the upcoming days.