Kennedy’s CPA-gate


Rep. Mark Kennedy has been trumpeting his career as a licensed CPA all over the campaign trail in recent months, pointing out that he’d be the only CPA in the U.S. Senate if elected in November. But DFL officials today circulated an affidavit signed by Kennedy in which he agrees to “not use the designation in a way that may lead a person to believe I own an active certification in Minnesota.” Kennedy received his CPA certification in 1979 and worked as a CPA for less than three years, which means it’s been 24 years since he’s been able to legally lay claim to the CPA tag.

Meanwhile, Former Secretary of State Joan Growe is actively raising funds for the Mark Ritchie campaign. In a piece of campaign literature making the rounds, Growe, who ran the office for a record 24 years, said Ritchie’s work in non-partisan voter registration was “excellent preparation” for the job. Ritchie was the founder and executive director of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy before spending 2004 working on voter registration across the country. Growe’s endorsement is no surprise, but it’s a sign that the Ritchie campaign is pulling out the big guns as it moves into the fall campaign.