Kennedy says U.S. troops should stay in Iraq “until the terrorists can’t win”


Britt Robson takes the local and national press to task for ignoring a Nov. 2 remark from Senate candidate Mark Kennedy that indicates the Republican endorsee is more than happy to allow U.S. troops to remain in Iraq forever.

Writing in “The Blotter”:, Robson quotes Kennedy saying that American forces should leave Iraq only “after the terrorists can’t win.”

Given that President Bush’s “War on Terror” has always been packaged as an Orwellian state of permanent warfare, a condition that allows the administration and its Republican allies a way to consolidate political power, Kennedy’s quote appears to be an unfortunately candid admission that he, like his White House allies, have no intention of removing the U.S. military presence.

Even the most optimistic of the Bush neo-cons at the Pentagon admit now that the war on terror cannot be won in Iraq by military means and that the insurgency feeds on the U.S. occupation there. And yet, when a U.S. Senate candidate admits that he favors a permanent military presence in Iraq, the local media ignores him.

As Robson puts it, “Maybe the pundits and talking heads could break away from harpooning Kerry long enough to ask U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kennedy exactly what parameters and conditions are required to satisfy his ‘terrorists can’t win’ scenario.”