Keillor talks at U of M on life, politics


“I went into radio for the best possible reason: to impress a girl,” Keillor said to a laughing crowd of about 100 at the University of Minnesota bookstore on October 14.

Keillor, an Anoka native, was at the university to promote his latest book, Liberty.

He went on to sing three sonnets that he wrote, stopped and restarted once because he forgot a line. He also told of his journey down to Louisiana by way of ferry and freight train, simply because he thought it was something a writer should do.

About 40 minutes into his talk Keillor briefly mentioned his new book and moved on to audience questions.

“You don’t know who you are until you put yourself down on paper,” he told one listener in response to a question about identity.

Keillor ended his talk with a plea for people to get out and vote next month, saying that this is the most important election in his lifetime. Without directly stating it, he hinted at his support for Barack Obama.

Kristen Anderson is a journalism student at the University of Minnesota and an intern with the TC Daily Planet.