Keeping cool in Minneapolis


Is it still true you’re not supposed to talk to the lifeguard? Well, we did, just long enough to say we’re doing a story on how people cool off. “This is a good place to do it,” said the lifeguard at Jim Lupient Water Park in Northeast Minneapolis.

At the park, which is next to a mini-golf course, one can try your luck at hopping from “rock” to “rock” with the help of an overhead rope ladder,

Or careen down one of the big slides, with or without the plastic innertube.

Or just goof around.


The big water park at North Commons is managed by the local YMCA, and no one was using it on the day we stopped by, Monday, Aug. 10th, but the wading pool was popular.

Kids made their own fun.

The North Commons park director, John, and Paul Yeager from Farview Park concurred that there’s been no pattern to when kids use the park. “Sometimes you’d think it would be too hot to be out and we’re bouncing off the walls. Other times it’s quiet.” Yeager said his challenge this year was the wading pool’s out of commission – too expensive and too long a wait to get it fixed this year.

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Libraries have also proven to be good places to take kids for special activities as well as their reading, and