SUNDAY PICK | Ache like Kathleen Edwards aches, at the Varsity Theater


To say that aching is the signature quality of Kathleen Edwards’s music makes it sound flatter than it is: though her four albums strike a consistently bittersweet, burnished tone, her songs are enlivened by dynamic arrangements, her expressive voice, and her acerbic wit, which will surely be in evidence when Edwards appears at the Varsity Theater on April 15.

The peak of the Canadian singer-songwriter’s achievements is “In State,” the wry opener to her 2005 sophomore release Back to Me; over a surging, chiming track, Edwards paints a tortured tale of romance with a con on the run, choosing her words with a moving concision that would do Springsteen proud. After years of underrated journey(wo)man status, Edwards has had a breakout year thanks in part to a tour (and romance) with Bon Iver. Enhancing the local interest is the Great Lakes theme of Edwards’s new album, Voyageur.

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