K Jay brings standup comedy to the Northside


You can’t keep a good man down—or, it appears, veteran humorist K Jay, who is hellbent on expanding Twin Cities comedy. I give it to him for just plain stubborness if nothing else.

He had been grousing to me for-practically-ever that there weren’t enough spots for him to perform, that between gigs he had to resort to open mics to keep his act tight and stay out in front of the public. Well, my man finally got tired of grumbling about things (thank God, ’cause I was sure tired of hearing his mouth) and took the bull by the horns. Last month he got together with the owner of Star Bar & Grill and introduced the biweekly Thursday evening Comedy Night at the Star Bar in Columbia Heights. And, on November 19th, he launches the monthly Blow-Out showcase. “Both shows,” K Jay said, “bring comedy to an area in North Central Minneapolis where people looking for a night of entertainment usually don’t have a chance to see comedians. It’s also an opportunity for artists to widen their audience, for new talent to receive exposure.”

Cool. Even cooler is that his first Comedy Night show, October 14th, had a roster of headliner Fancy Ray McCloney with Eugene Meaux and Brian Hamilton. K Jay looks at it as the proverbial idea whose time has come. “There’s really nothing on the Northside so far as comedy clubs go. There isn’t anything for the broad and sexy crowd, even the older college kids, grad students. People work hard everyday and they want affordable entertainment and might not want to go downtown. It’s good way to relax close to the weekend, get a jump-start. You have that good laugh when you go in and get your paycheck on Friday. You’re liable to have such a good time you blow off Friday. Especially if you’re not getting paid that particular week.” Another plus is that there’s no cover for Comedy Night and Star Bar & Grill offers drink specials for the event.

For the first Blow-Out on the 19th, K Jay will step up as headliner and have as a supporting bill Boima Freeman, Art Roseman, Adrian Washington, plus special guest Eugene Meaux as MC. I have no idea what kind of chops the others are working with but I’ve yet to see K Jay do a bad show. He’s got an engaging laid-back style that makes it seem like he’s standing in the middle of your living room, simply telling you how it is, the funny facts of life. And doesn’t need to turn the air blue or get graphic about body parts in order to do it. If you haven’t seen him—whether you’re a Northeastsider or not—stop on down and treat yourself to a good laugh.

Star Bar & Grill is located at 4005 Central Avenue NE in Columbia Heights. Comedy Night is free. Cover for the Blow-Out is $10 (groups of 4 or more, 2 admissions for $15). Times for both Comedy Night and the Blowout are 8:30-10:30. Ages 18+.