Juneteenth Shades of Diversity event comes to town again


Last year Andre Sims of MN Inside Out organized the 1st Annual Juneteenth Shades of Diversity event at the 601 Graves Hotel in Minneapolis, MN.

This year he and his team say they have created an even bigger and better two-part event.

Dr. Cornel West will address this year’s theme and call to action, which has been dubbed “Securing Our Destiny: Closing the Educational Gap.”

This year’s dinner and silent auction will be held on Friday at the International Market Square. A fashion show, “Haute Noir” and a concert featuring Neo Soul artist Angie Stone will be held on Saturday June 14 at Epic Concert & Special Event Venue in Downtown Minneapolis. Aligning with the theme and purpose of the overall event, a portion of this year’s proceeds will go to Seed Academy and Harvest Preparatory in Minneapolis.

This year’s events are sure to ignite a flame for community responsibility and action – much like last year. When asked what makes this year’s Shades of Diversity Dinner even better, Andre Sims quickly replied, “Well, we’ve got Cornel West!”

Tickets for the fashion show “Haute Noir” and Angie Stone’s concert are $50. For more information please visit www.twincitiesblack.com or www.mninsideout.com, 763-551-3921.