Jumping on the Linden Hills’ Tilia bandwagon


Late to the party as always, long after everyone else has raved about Linden Hills’ Tilia, I finally jump on the bandwagon.

It’s a cheery, casual place inside, somewhat noisy when busy.

But a friendly, appealing place. 

And the food….oh, the food.

Amazing how good something so simple as an arugula sald with grated Pecorino cheese in a lively lemon vinaigrette can taste, especially on a warm day.

This is technically an appetizer, but I was alone the first time I went, so this and the salad made up my meal. Gravlax with black rye spread with shallot-flying fish roe butter. Ohhhhhhhh so good.

But while I enjoyed this light and tasty lunch, I saw someone else ordering something that made me determined to return and try it. So last week, I did, this time with a friend.

First, soup.

Smoked potato soup with beer vinegar and bacon-butter croutons. Yes–those sandwich-sized pieces of bread on top had bacon in between.

But this is what I really wanted to try:

BLT dogs. Yes! Hotdogs with bacon and tomatoes, and in place of the lettuce, dill pickled carrots and cauliflower, along with mayo and some pungently spicy mustard. 

My friend and I shared this; it’s definitely enough for two, especially if you start with soup or salad. But oh–how wonderful these dogs are. Spicy, flavorful, extremely messy (not a good first date item, perhaps). I’m salivating just remembering.

So two thumbs up to Tilia. And even though I now know how divine the BLT dogs are, I have a ravenous (sorry) curiosity about the fish tacos. You know, the fish tacos with the peppadew pepper slaw, cilantro and lime…