July 2013 CNO Board Meeting minutes


July 1, 2013

Attendance: Cynthia Frost, Braulio Carrasco, Eden Spencer, Gwen McMahon, Oscar Del Sebastien, Paul Hanscom, Maggie Pearson. Staff: Eric Gustafson

Call to order – 6:00pm meeting run by vice chair Cynthia Frost.

  1. Approval of Oscar Del Sebastien and Cody Welchland as Corcoran Neighborhood Newspaper co-chairs. Oscar is the liaison to the board.
  2. Treasurers report: Income, Advertising, the association is largely ahead of proposed budget due to the vacancies in the staff. Future discussions will focus on where to put the extra funds.
  3. Discussion and Introduction to CNO’s work with city consultant Lissa Jones on issues of diversity and equity within the organization’s work. The first sessions will begin at the August board meeting.
  4. Discussion about the 2nd Wed. of the month at Gandhi Mahal its 10% donation. The organization is looking for other restaurants that will hold similar fundraisers as the Rail Station which has been a success in the past.

Adjourn – 7:01pm

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