Juice boxes, milk cartons can be recycled


When you’re done with that juice box or milk carton, don’t toss it in the trash. Instead, add it to your recycling bin. Since January, residents of St. Paul, Maplewood, Roseville and Lauderdale have been able to recycle milk cartons and juice boxes. It’s estimated that people in those communities throw more than 550 tons of these cartons in the trash each year.

According to Susan Hubbard of Eureka Recycling, only a portion of what people are using is currently being collected.

“We want to collect every juice box and milk carton available, to meet the city’s goal of zero waste,” said Hubbard.
Eureka Recycling driver Gary Carlson, collecting on a recent Wednesday in St. Anthony Park, said he’s seeing more people recycling milk and juice cartons.

In 2006, Tetra Pak, a leading producer of liquid foods packaging, received a grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, making it possible to recycle this packaging in Minnesota for the first time.

They are partnering with Eureka Recycling, which provides curbside recycling service.

Common products that can be recycled are milk cartons, juice boxes, soup and broth cartons, and soy and rice beverage cartons. Cartons should be placed with bottles and cans — not paper.

Recycled cartons can be made into paper towels and tissues, according to Ed Klein, vice president of public and environmental affairs for Tetra Pak.

“It’s rewarding to see this program take off,” said Tina Patton, market development specialist for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. “We know we will see positive environmental results, and we’re especially pleased to see that Tetra Pak and Eureka Recycling are adding an education component to reach even more people.”

Residents can also call a recycling hotline at 651-222-SORT for additional information.

Tetra Pak, the world leader in complete packaging and processing systems for food products, was founded in 1952 in Sweden and now operates in more than 165 markets around the globe. Tetra Pak Inc., the U.S. and Canada market company, was established in 1984 and is headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois.