The joy of work–chopping wood


Contrary to popular belief kids love hard work, especially when done with their parents and they really feel like they are helping.

I promised I would share more of our staycation adventures. Well we didn’t just stay, we went camping also. To the family land. We have been working so hard with my parents and Proeun’s family to get a nice cabin set up. The children love having this wild space to explore and Proeun and I love to practice our homesteading skills like identifying mushrooms, trees and tracks, learning the ins and outs or woodburning stoves and propane heaters, lamps, etc.

With hunting season less then 2 weeks away and the newly installed woodburning stove tested out the duty of last week was to chop wood.

Turns out Proeun is a master wood chopper. Proeun and dad work on splitting the logs. While the children wait anxiously outside of flying log range for their signal

to come collect the wood and stack it on the pile.

Even Mavis was able to help. Children now when they are really helping and they love it. I was reminded once again how important it is to include them in daily tasks on a real level. Thank goodness my parents and Proeun were of the same mind.

At the end of the day there is much joy in a job completed. I am so thankful to rediscover the joys of hard work for myself and to share it with my family. Though honestly taking pictures isn’t too hard.