Journalists fact check Tom Emmer – a lot


We’ve reported that journalists say DFL and IP candidates for Minnesota Governor are sometimes vague or wrong when it comes to their facts, but at a recent panel, political reporters devoted the bulk of their time talking about fact checking Republican candidate for Governor Tom Emmer. 

WCCO-TV reporter Pat Kessler says it may be because Emmer is “fiery” and “gets excited”, however the Republican candidate for Minnesota Governor often says things he will later deny saying. In those cases it’s pretty easy to prove Emmer wrong because his exact words are there on video tape, providing Minnesota political reporters ample material for their various fact checking stories.

At a recent Humprey instutute panel on political campaigns and fact checking Kessler and reporters Tom Scheck of Minnesota Public Radio, and Eric Black of MinnPost told their stories of fact checking Emmer.

Earlier we published a story about what these journalists had to say about fact checking the DFL (Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party) and Independence Party candidates for Governor. The full video of the panel discussion can be found here.