Jourdan Myers: Sweetest Torch Singer at Bryant Lake Bowl


Jourdan Myers is the sweetest torch singer you’re ever going to hear. Her voice has the range of torch singer – from the almost-raspy, long-held soprano high notes to deeper mezzo-soprano. There’s a backdrop of blues in her music, a hint of country and lot of soulful popular diva potential. But again much sweeter.

She has a hint of the speakeasy flapper look about her and I think that combined with the intimate and hidden feel of the back room of the Bryant Lake Bowl just made me think torch singer. Tobacco and Cologne is the one song that might hover around torch singer style; it’s a little softer and more county than the other tunes. Just perfect for the night, especially juxtaposed with Push Me on the Playground, which is really the opposite end of the spectrum.

What I really liked about Jourdan was her not-at-all-torchy approachability on stage. She unveiled a new song (Hollow Horse), which she allowed she wrote because she had committed to a new song night – and what breeds inspiration more than a deadline? It’s funny ‘cause it’s true. I just didn’t realize it could be as true in the arts as it is in business. Also impressive that she set out to write a song based on mythology. What fun. It’s a lower tone song and the mythology intermixes with a modern love story.

She also played a song in progress based on the influence of Daughter. Showed us how she uses an echo machine on her voice. Played the song and let us know how she hopes to change it in the future (more balladesque). She made us all feel like insiders, which made it easier to participate when we all became such insiders that we accompanied her as percussionists.

Jourdan has a way of drawing in an audience. Part of it is her voice, which is beautiful and unique is range. Part of it is her endearing personality. Part is her song writing, which is both personal and, as we learned, stretching to include more. That’s a sign of someone who is only going to get bigger.