Jonesing for Norm Coleman news? He’s baaack


Former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman was once a daily news staple but has largely fallen into civilian obscurity since bowing out of his recount battle with now-Sen. Al Franken. Now he’s back in the news and the blogs, and for reasons other than his health or gubernatorial ambitions.  

Coleman is, naturally, a central player in the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ series of stories looking back at the Coleman-Franken fracas.

Coleman also reportedly sent out an email in support of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann that seemingly takes a GPS approach to gay-baiting (Manhattan, Vermont and San Francisco, oh my!).

And his name gets invoked in a mudfest between rightwing bloggers David Frum and David Horowitz over whether Glenn Beck is an albatross for the GOP. (By the way, it turns out Coleman lost to Franken because of Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley.)

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