John Lennon tour bus makes stop on campus


It wasn’t on a Magical Mystery Tour, but the John Lennon Educational School Bus has enough recording industry equipment inside to impress any Beatles fan.

The fully-equipped recording studio named after the late Beatles’ John Lennon is in its final months of a 10 month tour of the United States.

Equipped with everything needed to record a music video or short film, the nonprofit bus made a stop on Church Street at the Twin Cities campus this Wednesday and Thursday before heading off to Columbia, Mo.

“We’re exposing people to the recording industry,” said Kevin Hoy, one of the touring members of the bus.

On Wednesday, the bus hosted two University students selected to work with staff on the bus to create their own multimedia masterpiece, recording a music video.

The bus is the brainchild of former songwriter Brian Rothschild.

In collaboration with Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, Rothschild created the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 1997, which lead to the creation of the bus, which now visits hundred of schools, music festivals and organizations each year.

Sponsored by close to three dozen organizations including Apple Inc. and instrument company Roland, visitors can enter the bus and come out with a professionally edited music video or short film.

The John Lennon Educational Bus plans its touring schedule by taking requests from schools or organizations on their website,

No musical experience is necessary, said Ryan L’Esperance , a producer on the bus.

“It’s not just about the music,” he said. “We want to inspire kids, show them how media production is done.”